Starting seven years ago as a hobby now turned business, Melinda has organized over 40 festivals and more than 100 events making her a leader in the field of event planning. Melinda has operated a successful venue and has gained the trust of many artists making her behind the scenes work an integral part of what happens on stage. She has developed a passion to help new and rising artists get a head start in their music careers. Her experience around the stage has given her an ability to teach success for any band with lessons that will help you not only now, but that you will carry with you for the rest of your career.

While managing the venue and working with festivals, Melinda discovered a lot of young artists new to the industry who had a lot of talent but not the experience or vocabulary they needed to be successful. She then realized that there were gaps in the industry and very few mentors available for the many artists coming up. This is an issue even today. That One Place Entertainment was created to help bridge those gaps through education and mentoring.