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Theody is a female fronted hard rock band based out of Northwest Arkansas. It started as a solo project by the band’s founder, Lauren Elizabeth, with the intention of keeping it as recreational and part time. One thing led to another and as more opportunities arose it became obvious that they wanted to take this music group seriously. The solo project transformed into a band and the group selected the name “Theody”. They share hope through lyrically driven songs that are relatable to any age group, with a high energy rock performance. In their first 2 years, Theody played 36 shows in multiple states, sharing the stage with Disciple, Decyfer Down, Children 18:3, Fireflight and several others. They released their debut, self-titled album in July of 2014, followed by their rendition of the Christmas hymn "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" as a single in December of 2014. Early 2016 the band released a single "Define the Relationship" followed by their sophomore album released in March of 2016.




Shambling, unblinking, unthinking masses of the dead - looming forward with but on pressing,

dominating goal; to devour your brain and absorb your essence. While Fort Wayne's finest in horror

punk have this goal of cranial domination in common with hordes of walking dead, they are anything but

shambling or unthinking. Rip-roaring with the fury of a foam-mouthed and frothing werewolf, Grave

Robber bring a unique, hardcore-tinted feel to their hard-hitting brand of horror punk that will make

fans of aggressive punk from The Misfits to the theatrical presentation of Alice Cooper rejoice.

Hard at work horrifying the masses since 2005, Grave Robber have been anything but idle. Combining

bouncy, catchy percussion with riffs and guitar solos as sharp as Dracula's fangs, Grave Robber's rugged

and raunchy releases - "Be Afraid", "Inner Sanctum", "Exhumed", and "You're All Gonna Die" - have

garnered these horror rockers well deserved press from acclaimed punk and metal outlets alike for a

good reason. Each song by these prolific punks creates an immersive and haunting atmosphere that has

listeners so engaged that they are constantly glancing over their shoulders wondering if Grave Robber is

coming for them next.

To answer the question of what comes next, one need look no further than Grave Robber’s upcoming

e.p. “Straight to Hell”, a slamming, rollicking dose of punk rock mayhem laced with a lyrical

condemnation of evil and where it should go. Grave Robber shows no sign of slowing down and similar

to a herd of zombies, their fanbase continues to expand as Grave Robber’s musical message of hope

infects more unsuspecting victims.